Pappa Porky's Hot Chow 50g

Pappa Porky's Hot Chow 50g


Available in 18x50g | Quality Ingredients

Chewy Mooey is a locally owned Western Australian company which launched in 2015 and since then we are now in over 220 retailers Australia wide and are growing by the week.

Chewy Mooey and Chewy Rooey are made using only the freshest premium ingredients. Our marinades are carefully mixed using fresh, locally sourced vegetables and high quality Japanese Soy and New Zealand Worcestershire sauce.

Being an Australian owned company we believe in supporting our local farmers and local economies and as such our Beef is sourced from Margaret River and our Kangaroo from Queensland.

Our products are skewered by hand, hung and dried at a low temperature with high air flow to ensure that it is cured and dehydrated rather than cooked.



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