Casa Cofradia Reposado 750ml

Casa Cofradia Reposado 750ml


Available in 6x750ml | 40% Alc/Vol

Casa Cofradia Reposado Tequila is a delicate and full flavoured sipping tequila made from 100% Blue agave. It is created in a fine blend of selected barrels and is extra oxygenated creating a soft texture.

About La Cofradia

La Cofradia is a company that has been producing and packaging Tequila for more than 50 years. Our experience in the tequila industry has made us one of the best and finest in the market, always adapting and responding to the needs of the global market.

The Brotherhood has always distinguished itself as a company that produces a quality product; Tequila of excellent agave, elaborated under the traditional process but in a modern industrial plant. But above all, we mix this quality drink with the traditional Mexican crafts, bottling our Tequilas in bottles of porcelain and blown glass, sharing with the world the true flavour of Mexico.



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