Clontarf 3 in 1 600ml

Clontarf 3 in 1 600ml


Available in 600mlx6

Clontarf 1014 Trinity Gift Box is a unique goft idea that contains three 200ml bottles of Clontarf 1014 Whiskey.

One each of:

  • Clontarf 1014 Irish Whiskey 200mL
  • Clontarf 1014 Reserve Whiskey 2300mL
  • Clontarf 1014 Single Malt Irish Whiskey 200mL

Each bottle sits on top of the other one to look like a full 600mL bottle. The Irish Whiskey is at the base and then Reserve on top of that and finally the top and the neck of the bottle is the Single Malt. Great gift idea!


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