Imperial Czar's Original Vodka 700ml

Imperial Czar's Original Vodka 700ml


Available in 700mlx6 | 40% Alc/Vol

One of the crucial components of our vodka is water from the Ladoga Lake - the biggest source of purest drinking water in Europe. Glacial origin of the Ladoga Lake gives water special mild and unique taste. At the factory water undergoes multiple filtration, and at the final stage it is enriched with necessary microelements.  The laboratory of Ladoga Group has carried out multiple tests aimed at achieving the main goal — creation of premium vodka with unique taste, which meets the requirements of any, even most sophisticated consumers. 

To produce our vodka we use only luxury high-quality, thoroughly purified, rectified grain alcohol which has the highest tasting points. Grain is grown at a significant distance from industrial centers on unpolluted fertile soils. All of the above contribute to the clean perfect taste of our vodka.



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